A custom-made event or booth that meets your environmental and societal philosophy

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A custom-made event or booth that meets your environmental and societal philosophy

Are you looking for a custom-made event or stand solution that meets your environmental and societal philosophy? Them’s Concept brings you solutions!

Indeed, the agency encourages its clients to use a stand that can be reused over time for their different events, rather than a one-shot space. During the conception and design of the stand, the thinking phase will then be based on an adaptable and evolutive solution.

Thanks to our partners all over Europe and the rest of the world, we are able to choose the most relevant production place for your exhibition, which allows us to optimise logistics and reduce our carbon footprint.

In this way, we offer you to support you with global offers adapted to your requests.

We are also able to offer a production of your space made by an eco-responsible partner:

  • Environmental considerations: a design adapted, to reuse industrial wood waste or other materials as much as possible, to provide them with a second life.
  • Social considerations: integration and professional training of people in a difficult situation, in the job of carpenter or other.

In addition, at the end of the product’s life, most of the material in your space will be recycled.

Them’s Concept is always looking for new solutions to reduce its impact and move towards an ecological and responsible stand model.


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